What if I forget my PIN Lock code?

If you have forgotten your PIN lock code, uninstall the TigerText app on your device. Once uninstalled, then re-install the app and log back in with your username and Password. You will need to go back to the Settings menu on your device to set a new PIN Lock code.

Additionally, your organization’s TigerText administrator may require a PIN code for every device that is logged in to TigerText. In this case, after deleting and re-installing the TigerText application, you should automatically be required to enter a PIN on your device. You should be able to enter a PIN code you have used previously.

iOS only: TigerText takes advantage of Apple’s TouchID feature. If you have TouchID enabled on your iOS device (iPhone 5S and newer only, as well as the iPad mini 3 and newer and the iPad Air 2 and newer), it will automatically request to unlock TigerText with TouchID. If you wish to enter the PIN code, simply tap Enter TigerText PIN. Just as with the PIN Lock code you provide, if you are having issues with TouchID, simply uninstall the TigerText application, and upon succesfully reinstallation and login you can enter a new PIN to renable PIN Lock/TouchID.

Posted in: iOS - Settings