What does Message Lifespan mean?

Message Lifespan is the length of time a message will remain in a TigerConnect conversation before it is deleted on both the sender and all recipient’s devices. This applies to individual conversations as well as Group messages. For example:

  • Your message lifespan is 2 days and you send a message to a coworker at 2:00 PM on Friday.
  • Your coworker receives the TigerConnect message to their device, but does not open the message to mark it as ‘Read’. Your coworker then opens TigerConnect after 2:00 PM Sunday – the message is no longer visible to them.
  • The message will be deleted from your device, the receiver’s device, and the server and is no longer in TigerConnect.

Keep in mind – If the recipient does not open and read the message within the message lifespan, the message is no longer accessible after it expires.

Posted in: iOS - Messaging