What does Message Lifespan mean?

Message Lifespan is the length of time a message will remain in a TigerConnect conversation before it is deleted on both the sender and all recipient’s devices. This applies to individual conversations, Broadcast Lists, Roles as well as Group messages. For example:

  • Your message lifespan is 2 days and you send a message to a coworker at 2:00 PM on Friday.
  • Your coworker receives the TigerConnect message to their device, but does not open the message to mark it as ‘Read’. Your coworker then opens TigerConnect after 2:00 PM Sunday – the message is no longer visible to them.
  • The message will be deleted from your device, the receiver’s device, and TigerConnect’s servers.

Keep in mind – If the receiver does not open and read the message within the message lifespan, the message is no longer accessible once it reaches its expiration. Note that unless your organization utilizes Message Archiving, TigerConnect messages are not retrievable once expired.

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