I can’t seem to send or receive a message on my mobile device.

From time to time, messages in TigerConnect may appear to be delayed, or not appear to be able to be sent or received. This can be a result of multiple issues. Use the below sections to help troubleshoot message delivery delays for your Android device

Delete on Read
  • Ensure that Delete on Read is not turned on in your TigerConnect account. If messages you have Delete on Read turned on your account and the user reads your message, the message will disappear after 60 seconds. This message will be irretrievable after this time period expires.
Message Lifespan
  • If either the sender or the recipient’s message lifespan is set for a short period of time, the message may not be read. The recommended message lifespan is 2 days to allow ample time for messages to be read by the recipient. Please ensure this is set accordingly. NOTE: This is set by your administrator. Contact your TigerConnect/IT administrator to request a possible change to this setting on your account.
Wi-Fi Connectivity
  • If you are in an area with a strong connection, or are moving within the confines of a strong Wi-Fi connection (e.g. – your home, or a small office), it is better to remain connected to Wi-Fi, as it is traditionally a more reliable connection in cases where the user is stationary.
  • If the location in the facility or building you are in is experiencing slower than normal Wi-Fi, simply wait and move to a location with a stronger Wi-Fi signal to begin sending and receiving messages.
  • Wi-Fi on most mobile devices will turn off when the device’s screen goes to sleep.
  • Lastly, you will also need to “forget” any Public or Guest Wi-Fi networks. This is also found in the Settings section of your device. Not doing so can allow you to connect to a possible unsecured network, or a network that requires further login/authentication/terms of use acceptance, causing further notification and messaging issues. Your device may be showing full bars in the WiFi signal, but without further authentication, you may have no connection to the internet to access TigerConnect.
  • Changing the screen timeout period to a longer period of time (5-10 minutes) can help prolong your connection to Wi-Fi if the 3G/4G/LTE connection is poor.
Data Connectivity
  • 3G, 4G and LTE tower availability varies depending on your area. Check with your cellular provider directly or on their website to see available network towers in your area. If there are none, please attempt to connect to Wi-Fi to receive messages.
  • Your phone may be capable of 4G/LTE, but you may not have a strong connection to 4G/LTE towers. In this case, turning 4G/LTE off may help any issues in message delays. This is often found under Network (iOS) or Wireless and Network (Android).
Wi-Fi/Data “Dead Zones”
  • These are zones of service where both Wi-Fi and/or data are inaccessible. These often occur in areas below ground or your device is on the edge of a Wi-Fi network. You will appear to be connected to data or Wi-Fi, but the reality is that the signal is not strong enough to connect you to TigerConnect.
  • Your location in a building, as well as the materials the the building is comprised of can affect your device’s connectivity. If the WiFi network you are connected to may be travelling through several walls, and can cause connection issues. If you are even a few floors underground, or are centrally located inside a large facility, your device’s data connection may be limited, and you will likely have to rely on Wi-Fi.
Possible Delays in TigerConnect Service
We will make every effort to ensure a seamless experience for users when properly connected to a data or Wi-Fi network. However, if your device is connected to a strong data or Wi-Fi connection and you are still experiencing messaging issues with TigerConnect on the mobile app or the Web Console, please contact TigerConnect Client Care at the following:
  • Phone:
    • General Client Care Phone #: 650-564-4722

      • Hours of Operation:
        • M-F, 5:30 am – 5:30 pm PT
        • Sat/Sun, 8:00 am – 5:00 PM PT
    • For Premium Support customers, dial your organization’s Premium Support Toll-Free Number
  • Email: prosupport@tigerconnect.com

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