Android – I am getting messages on my mobile device – but no alerts.

In order to receive messages to TigerConnect, please ensure that notifications are enabled correctly on your device. Please attempt the following. If you are still unable to resolve the issue after attempting these steps, please contact TigerConnect Client Care at for further assistance.


There are three places where notifications for TigerConnect for your Android can be configured. Follow the below directions to ensure successful message delivery notifications:

Check TigerConnect’s application settings.

  1. While logged in to TigerConnect on your mobile device, tap Settings in the upper right (sprocket icon).
  2. Tap Alerts and Data.
    • Ensure that Enable Notifications is enabled (will appear to the right and green when enabled). 
    • Alternatively, ensure Vibrations is enabled if you wish to also receive a vibration when you receive a new message notification.
  3. Tap Select a Ringtone.
  4. Tap to select your desired notification sound (this will automatically save the selected ring tone for all future message notifications).
    1. If you are on an Android 8 or newer tap Manage Notifications, instead of Select a Ringtone (this option will not appear on Android 8 or newer devices).
      1. Scroll down the bottom of this section and ensure that both Other and Messages are selected. You can tap either Other or Messages to select a ringtone.
      2. Tap your Android’s back button to return to the TigerConnect application

When setting your notifications, you do not have to have vibration turned on, but it will help increase your chances of receiving notification of a message.

Go to your general Android device’s settings.

You can set the native device sound settings in your Android’s Settings to ensure messages are delivered to TigerConnect correctly.

  1. Tap Settings on your device’s Home Screen or Applications folder.
    • The Settings app may also be found in your device’s Application folder, which is typically located in the bottom tray on the device’s home screen. Once inside the Applications folder, long-tap on the icon to drag the icon to the home screen for easier access in the future.
  2. Tap the setting related to sounds in your settings (this will vary from device to device and depends on your Android version)
    • Within this menu, you can set the following:
      • Set Device Volume (titled Volume or Volumes)
      • Ensure Silent Mode is not enabled.

Finally, ensure that the above settings are set to any level above silent or off for your device to be able to receive notifications correctly.

Ensure that the device volume is up.

The location of your Android device’s volume button varies depending on the device. Typically you can find this on the left or right side of the Android’s case consisting of two buttons (as opposed to the power button which is one solid button, typically at the top of the device).

When turning the device’s volume down to the lowest setting, Android often lets you push the ‘down’ volume button an additional time to turn the phone to ‘Silent’. To receive audible sound notifications, please ensure the device is set to an audible volume to alert you to new messages.

Ensure that any third-party battery-conservation or security applications allow TigerConnect.

There are a large number of applications available for Android devices to assist with preserving the device’s battery life. While these applications can be helpful with older devices, they can limit and even prevent TigerConnect notifications from sounding even with the sound turned up on the device. These applications often disable things like notifications and background app activity, which TigerConnect is reliant upon to deliver notifications from Google as well as messages to the user’s TigerConnect application reliably.

To help prevent any notification issues for these applications, if they allow for TigerConnect to be whitelisted, check to make sure that TigerConnect is an exception to allow notifications and disable any battery saving behaviors. If there are no options to allow TigerConnect, the application will need to be uninstalled to allow any further notifications.

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