How much data does TigerConnect use on my device?

The TigerConnect mobile application has been designed to limit battery drain and data usage for our Secure Messaging customers. Regardless, the more you use your device, the more you will use your battery and data. If messaging with TigerConnect is causing you to become more active on your device, you may in turn notice that your battery life is diminishing faster.

Most users will not notice any extra data usage as each message is around 1Kb. It takes 1,024 Kb to equal 1Mb. This means you would need to send 1,024 messages per month to use 1 MB.

If your organization is sharing large files (e.g. – videos, large documents, audio files) TigerConnect will attempt to compress these, however, it is recommended your device is connected to Wi-Fi as often as possible in order to conserve data as well as to ensure faster, consistent delivery speeds when uploading files and images.

NOTE: If your device is connected to a Wi-Fi network, TigerConnect will not use data from your cellular plan. This is especially useful for those with monthly data caps.

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