How do I recall a message?


While in a conversation on your respective device: Long-tap (hold for approximately 2-3 seconds) on the message that you have sent and wish to delete. You will be presented with a list of options; tap Recall.

Web Console  

Click on the down-facing arrow on the message you wish to recall (messages you send will be in grey on the right side of the conversation screen) and click Recall.

NOTE: After the message has been recalled, it is removed from your device, the recipient’s device and from the server . Note that unless your organization utilizes Message Archiving, TigerConnect messages are not retrievable once expired.

Additionally, messages can only be recalled from both devices by the sender of the message. In order to remove received messages, you will either need to delete an individual message, clear the entire conversation (Web Console only) or wait for the message lifespan to expire.

Posted in: Android/Web - Messaging