How do I log out?

NOTE: This applies only to the latest TigerConnect versions. If you are using a version of TigerConnect that does not follow these steps, please upgrade to the latest version. TigerConnect will remain logged in until you wish to be logged out. If you just wish to suspend messaging for a short period of time while out-of-office, you can turn on Do Not Disturb. This allows you to set an out-of-office response and temporarily halts all incoming audio notifications and badges and alerts from TigerConnect. You are then able to turn Do Not Disturb off and begin to receive notifications again once returning to the office. This is different than iOS’ Do Not Disturb functionality, which turns off notifications for all applications and services on your iOS device.

To log out of TigerConnect for iOS:

  1. While logged in to the TigerConnect application, tap Settings in the lower banner.
  2. Tap Logout.

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