How do I know I have received a message?

On iOS, you will receive a “push notification” on your device to let you know you have received a TigerConnect message. This comes in the form of an audible ringtone and a visual notification.

  • App Icon Badges (appears over the TigerConnect clover icon on your iOS’ Home Screen)
  • Banner notifications (top of screen)
  • Lock Screen Alerts

New messages can be accessed in the notification bar at the top of your iOS device’s screen, while the screen is turned on, by pulling down from the top of your device’s screen and tapping on the available notifications, or tap on the TigerConnect app icon on your Home Screen to open the app and view your new messages.

Repeat Push Notifications

Repeat Push Notifications are a feature of the TigerConnect mobile application that sends a persistent notification to the user’s device until the message is read. When Repeat Push Notifications are turned ON, a repetitive notification is sent after the user’s phone AND TigerConnect application are inactive for 2 (two) minutes or longer. If the initial notification is sent to the device after the 2 minute timeout, a notification will repeat 10 (ten) times, every two minutes, until the message is Read. 

Note: If any message is sent within the 2 minute timeout period, the repeat push notification does not occur.

Delivery Escalations

Delivery Escalation is a feature of TigerConnect that allows users in areas of low to no connectivity to receive notification of new messages via SMS.

When Delivery Escalations are turned on, an SMS message is sent to the phone number attached to a user’s TigerConnect account when they are logged in to the mobile device only and a message remains in Sent status for 5 (five) minutes. SMS is used, as messages sent via SMS can be received in cases of low data connectivity (SMS charges may apply).

Fast Deploy

Messages that are sent from TigerConnect to users that are not logged in to TigerConnect are received by a service called Fast Deploy. Fast Deploy is a secure way to communicate with anyone in your organization’s corporate network, whether or not they are logged in to TigerConnect.

When a user is logged out of TigerConnect, a secure message link will be sent via email and/or SMS (either will have to be enabled by an Administrator in their TigerConnect account to receive a Fast Deploy). The link can then be clicked and opened within your iOS device’s web browser.

NOTE: While logged out, users can reply to Fast Deploy messages that are sent directly to them once, however, new messages cannot be initiated until the user logs into TigerConnect. Additionally, Fast Deploy messages are single-view only. If the message is viewed from the email/SMS link a second time, they will receive a message stating the message was previously read.

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