How do I know a message has been sent?

A message is assumed to be Sent as soon as the user clicks or taps “Send” on their iOS device. On the mobile application, if a message is not successfully sent (typically a result of poor connectivity in the area the message is being sent), you will see a “Tap to resend” or “Send Failed” message on iOS.

When a message has been Sent on iOS, you will see the word ‘Delivered’ in blue in the lower right-hand corner of the message.

If you are connected to either data (3G/4G/LTE) or WiFi, and do not see a message status update at the bottom right-hand corner of your sent message where you normally see the Delivered or Read statuses, this typically means that the user is not currently logged in, or the user is in a poor connection area.

Keep in mind, if a user is not logged in to the TigerConnect app, their messages should be delivered by Fast Deploy via email or SMS text message. These messages are secured behind a link, and once opened are sent securely on your device or computer’s web browser. Additionally, if a user is logged in and unable to receive messages in a timely manner, talk to the TigerConnect administrator for your facility (typically an IT staff member or office administrator) about Delivery Escalations.

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