Android – How do I change audio alerts on my device?


  1. While logged in to TigerConnect on your mobile device, tap Settings in the upper right (sprocket icon).
  2. Tap Alerts.
    • Ensure that Enable Notifications is enabled (will appear to the right or red when enabled). 
    • Alternatively, ensure Vibrations is enabled if you wish to also receive a vibration when you receive a new message notification (Android 7 or older.
  3. Tap Select a Ringtone.
  4. Tap to select your desired notification sound (this will automatically save the selected ringtone for all future message notifications).
    1. For Android OS 8 or newer devices tap Manage Notifications under the Alerts section to update your ringtone for TigerConnect.
    2. Ensure the following toggles are enabled for your Android settings
      • Other
      • Messages
    3. To select a designated ringtone, tap on either the Other or Messages section to select your desired ringtone.

NOTE: On Android devices, you can only choose from Android system ringtones/sounds.

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