Android – How can I preserve battery life on my device while using TigerConnect?

A smartphone’s display is typically the biggest drain on a battery. However, there are a few things that you can do to help preserve the charge you have.

Auto-Lock/Screen Timeout

A screen that is left on and is not sent into “sleep” mode (turning off the screen by pressing the phone’s power button), is going to drain battery. In order to help preserve the life of your battery, set your phone’s settings accordingly. The longer the time to screen timeout, the more battery will be drained.

Android devices will vary depending on their operating system version (OS). Typically, the auto lock can be found under your Android device’s Settings under Display. Look for a setting that says “Sleep” or “Screen Timeout”.

3G/4G/LTE and Wi-Fi

Your phone is constantly searching for towers and connections when 3G, 4G, LTE or Wi-Fi are turned on. You can help preserve battery by turning on Wi-Fi and connecting to a local wireless network (if available).

If your device is utilizing 4G and LTE, this can drain your device’s battery faster than 3G. If you notice a significant drain on the battery, consider turning 4G/LTE off. Your connection may be slower when using more heavy browsing (image uploads/voice memos) but you will conserve more battery power this way.


GPS is one of the largest drains on a battery, next to your smartphone’s display. If you have an app that requires GPS location (navigation/map/geotagging), your phone will be searching to find a satellite signal, and that requires a considerable amount of power from your phone’s battery.

Location of GPS (Location) Settings differs depending on the Android device. Typically, they are found under Location or Location and Security in your Settings (typically a gear icon). Once selected, you can deselect any boxes that involve GPS and Location.

Note: TigerConnect utilizes location services on your device when selecting to send your location only within a conversation. If you are noticing a significant decrease in battery life, be mindful of GPS-heavy apps (e.g. – Google Maps, Facebook).


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