Does TigerConnect work over Wi-Fi?

Yes, TigerConnect will send and receive messages over a Wi-Fi network or over the mobile data connection for mobile devices and if Wi-Fi is available on the computer with which you are accessing the TigerConnect Web Console or standalone Desktop Application. It will default to previously connected Wi-Fi connections first. Unless specifically instructed not to, it is recommended use a password-protected, secured Wi-Fi network at your place of work as instructed by your organization’s IT. Your home Wi-Fi should work as well.

Guest Wi-Fi networks and Wi-Fi networks with weak, unreliable connections have been known to cause message delays. If you feel this is the case, ‘Forget’ these networks (see below) or turn Wi-Fi OFF on your device. Additionally, navigate to your device’s settings and turn OFF Show Wi-Fi pop-up. This is recommended and will keep you from connecting to unintended Wi-Fi networks that may have weak or unreliable connections, or that require further authentication.

Android – Lastly, it is recommended to “forget” any unauthorized or previously connected networks on your Android device. This can be found in the Settings application of your device under Wi-Fi or Wireless Networks

In Settings –> Wi-Fi (tap the Wi-Fi heading, not the ON/OFF switch), then long-tap (hold for 2-3 seconds) on the desired network you wish to forget and tap Forget network. If this choice is not available, your device has not previously connected to this network. No further action is needed.

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